Ethics & transparency

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The accomplishment of Sciences Po’s missions and respect for our founding values depend on ethical principles and transparency, which are particularly crucial when it comes to fundraising.

We wish to underscore the importance of the integrity of the funding sources that help us fulfil our educational mission.

This commitment is based on respect for strong principles, which are detailed in a Code of Ethics that regulates relations between Sciences Po and its partners and donors:

  • Independence and respectability
  • Respect for the sponsor and mutual commitments
  • Transparency in the use of donated funds
  • Social responsibility and civic values

Under this framework, Sciences Po reserves the right to refuse financial contributions when the source of the funds is uncertain or undermines Sciences Po’s academic independence, when doubts exist as to the legality of the donor’s activities, or the conditions attached to the donation seem unacceptable to Sciences Po.

Sciences Po has also set up a Donations Committee to ensure compliance with the Code of Ethics and to rule on any situations that raise questions.

Fundraising report

Discover the main events of 2017 regarding fundraising and testimonies of our generous donors in our 2017 Fundraising report.

2017 Fundraising Report (PDF, 2,4Mo):

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You can also see our Fundraising Reports from previous years below.

2016 will go down as a milestone in our institution’s history, as three years of unstinting efforts came to fruition with the acquisition of the Artillerie.

In parallel to this long-term project, our teaching faculty continued a comprehensive renewal of our range of programmes. By opening the School of Management and Innovation in 2016, we mean to honour our responsibility to educate tomorrow’s decision-makers, in the certainty that our students will make the common good a priority in their decisions. The launch of this school completes the reform of our graduate programmes.

In 2016, Sciences Po also celebrated fifteen years of the Equal Opportunity programme, a chance to reassert our intention to take the promotion of equal opportunity even further.

2016 Fundraising Report (fr - PDF, 2,6Mo): 

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2015 Fundraising report (fr - PDF, 1,7Mo):

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2014 Fundraising report (fr - PDF, 989 Ko):

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