The campaign

A threefold approach to engaging in the world of the future


To a diversity of talents

Promoting the success of the many, overcoming discrimination and connecting with audiences  that are traditionally beyond the reach of the academia.

To a broader range of disciplines

The creation of new teaching and research programmes that engage with the life sciences  and the humanities.

To the dynamic countries of the future

Strengthening the global influence of Sciences Po by giving all our teaching programmes an international focus, with Africa as a priority.


Around a common history

Promoting the historical and scientific heritage of Sciences Po on its 150th anniversary.

Around a shared institution

The construction of a new campus in the heart of Paris, located around the 1, Saint-Thomas site, providing Sciences Po with the means to constantly reinvent itself and be one of the world’s finest universities. A place to study, to produce knowledge and build individual futures together.

Within an alliance of the like-minded

Strengthening strategic university cooperation in our key disciplines.


By educating a committed generation

Empowering new generations to act and educating the changemakers for a more responsible and united world.

By exploiting digital opportunities

Transforming teaching and research through cutting-edge technology.

By producing knowledge

Exploring new research fields in order to understand transformations at work in the modern world.