Professor of sociology at Sciences Po and a researcher at the CSO


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Jérôme Pélisse is a professor of sociology at Sciences Po and a researcher at the CSO since September 2015. He was formerly a lecturer at the University of Reims and then at Versailles Saint Quentin in Yvelines where he was awarded a CNRS chair and directed the PRINTEMPS laboratory (Professions, Institutions, Temporalities, UMR CNRS) between 2011 and 2013. Co-founder of the GIS GESTES, which he led between 2011 and 2015, he develops a set of research combining sociology of work and sociology of law, sociology of industrial relations, organizations and public policy. In various fields - employment policies, changes in industrial relations in companies, health and safety issues (particularly related to nano risks), uses of labor law, judicial expertise -, he focuses on the processes of endogenisation of law within organizations, as well as on the day-to-day relationship to the law that actors develop in work situations. He is currently studying various figures of legal intermediaries, especially those who are not recognized legal professionals,  to analyze the processes of juridicisation of labor relations and economic activities.

Jérôme Pélisse is the author of numerous articles and books, like Sociologie d’un syndicalisme catégoriel : la CFE-CGC ou fin d’une exception ? (avec E. Bethoux, G. Desage, A. Mias), Armand Colin, 2013 ; Des chiffres, des maux et des lettres. Une sociologie des experts judiciaires en économie, psychiatrie et langues (avec C. Protais, K. Larchet, E. Charrier), Armand Colin, 2012 ; Droit et régulations des activités économiques. Perspectives sociologiques et institutionnalistes (avec C. Bessy et T. Delpeuch), LGDJ, 2011 ou La lutte continue ? Les conflits du travail dans la France contemporaine (avec S. Béroud, J.-M. Denis, G. Desage et B. Giraud), Editions du Croquant, 2008.

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