Workshop on Long-term perspectives on parliaments and governments

Workshop on Long-term perspectives on parliaments and governments

Du 26 mars 2018 au 27 mars 2018
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"Workshop on Long-term perspectives on parliaments and governments"

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From 26 March 2018 at 2:00 p.m. to 27 March 2:00 p.m.

LIEPP, 254 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75007 Paris


The workshop will focus on long-term trends in the development of electoral institutions, legislatures and executive-legislative relations. Papers will either analyze their topics within a historical perspective (from 50 years to 200) or by considering the impact of specific historical events and choices primarily on the parliamentary arena. A major aim of the workshop is to assess why and how historical arrangements may impact legislatures decades after they took place. The conference presentations will first and foremost deal with the institutional and sociological aspects of long-term trends in European countries.

Bjorn-Erik Rasch
Olivier Rozenberg 

Laboratoire interdisciplinaire d’évaluation des politiques publiques (LIEPP)
Department of Political Science, University of Oslo



Monday, March 26

14.00 Welcome & introduction by Bjorn-Erik Rasch (University of Oslo) & Olivier Rozenberg (Sciences Po)

Chair: Shane Martin, University of Essex

Session 1: Electoral competition

14.30 Alexandra Cirone (London School of Economics) "Under Pressure: Political Geography of Mobilization in France"
Discussant: J.Navarro (Lille Catholic University)

15.15 Michael Koss (Munich University) "Legislative democracy and the problem of conceptual shrinking. Lessons from a longitudinal comparison"
Discussant: B. van Coppenolle (Linden University)

16.00 Break

16.15 Julien Navarro (Lille Catholic University) "Short Terms in the Long Term: Historical and Theoretical Foundations of Repeated Elections"
Discussant: Sh. Martin (University of Essex)

Session 2: Sociology of MPs

17.00 Athanassios Gouglas (KU Leuven University) "Legislative turnover in West European chambers & parties 1945 – 2015"
Discussant: V. Schröder (Bremen University)

17.45 Sylvain Brouard (Sciences Po) "Institutional settings and parliamentary turn-over The example of the French Senate 1959 - 2017"
Discussant: A. Gouglas (KU Leuven University)

Tuesday, March 27

Chair: Emiliano Grossman (Sciences Po)

Session 3: Institutional rules

9.30 Alexandra Cirone (LSE) & Brenda van Coppenolle (Linden University) "Bridging the Gap: Lottery-based Procedures in European Democratization"
Discussant: M. Koss (Munich University)

10.15 Bjorn-Erik Rasch (University of Oslo) "Investiture Rules and Government Formation in Israel, 1949-2015"
Discussant: S. Brouard (Sciences Po)

11.00 Break

11.15 Olivier Rozenberg (Sciences Po) "Selection or oversight? Assessing the de-parliamentarisation thesis in France over a long period"
Discussant: A. Cirone (LSE)

Session 4: Party politics

12.00 Valentin Schröder (Bremen University) "When Rules Follow Practice: The Evolution of Intra-party Legislative Centralization and Specialization in Germany, 1890-1969"
Discussant: J. Navarro (Lille Catholic University)

12.45 Conclusion & prospects

13.00 End of the conference

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