Doctoral fellow in Political Science, CEE / LIEPP affiliate
(thesis defended in November 2017)

Bio :

Mirjam Dageförde is Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute (EUI) and Associated Researcher at Sciences Po. Her dissertation (Sciences Po) “Evaluating representation from citizens’ perspective: concepts of congruence, context and Europeans’ representational judgments” combines representation theory, research on political parties, public opinion and congruence. She is particularly interested in citizens’ perceptions and citizens’ evaluation of representation in Europe. Furthermore, she focuses on France and Germany. 

Her teaching experience encompasses classes on political representation , introduction to political science, political communication or campaigning, research design and methods. She taught classes in Bachelor and Master programs in France and in Germany. She is involved in numerous international research projects and was visiting scholar at diverse universities, recently at the University of Oxford. 

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Articles and Contributions to Collective Works

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