Professor associate, LIEPP/OSC 
Co-director of LIEPP "Discriminations and Social Inequalities" Research Group and Director of Development of LIEPP

LIEPP-Sciences Po, OSC
Disability policies, sociologie de l'action publique

Bio :

Anne Revillard is associate professor of sociology. She is a member of the Observatoire sociologique du changement (OSC). Her research focuses on the interplay between law, policy/politics and the contemporary transformations of systems of inequality linked to gender and disability.

She has notably conducted fieldword on women’s rights policies in France and Quebec, institutional mediation, the disability rights movement, and gender inequalities among the bureaucratic elite. She currently is working on a project funded by LIEPP on the reception of disability policy.

Her recent publications include « Social Movements and the Politics of Bureaucratic Rights Enforcement: Insights from the Allocation of Disability Rights in France », Law and Social Inquiry, 2016; “Un «Mal Nécessaire»? Les Hauts Fonctionnaires et Les Quotas.” (avec Laure Bereni), Travail, genre et sociétés, 2015; L’Etat des droits. Politique et droits et pratiques des institutions, (with Pierre-Yves Baudot), Paris, Presses de Sciences Po/Gouvernance, 2015.

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