Jean-Benoit EYMEOUD

Economist, Banque de France

PhD in economics, (thesis financed by LIEPP and defended in October 2018)

Bio :

Jean-Benoit Eyméoud is economist at Banque de France and fellow at LIEPP SciencesPo. He received his PhD in November 2018 from SciencesPo. He has a PhD in sociology. He was a doctoral fellow at LIEPP/Département d'économie de Sciences from 2015 to 2018 and he defended his thesis "Housing and Discrimination in Economics: an Empirical Approach using Big Data and Natural Experiments" under the supervision of Etienne Wasmer in October 2018.

His main research lies in urban and political economics with a focus on housing, labor and discrimination issues.

Poster of the project - June 2020

Personal Page :

See Jean-Benoît EYMEOUD personal page for further information 


Eyméoud, J. B., & Wasmer, É. (2016). Vers une société de mobilité: les jeunes, l'emploi et le logement. Presses de Sciences Po.

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