Research Domains

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  • Policy Evaluation Using Causal Inference Methods Nicolas JACQUEMET IZA Discussion Papers Series n° 1292, janvier 2020
  • Diverging Pathways : How Pre-Migration Selectivity and Initial Legal Status Shape Immigrant Outcomes in France Tianjian Lai, Haley McAvay LIEPP Working Paper n°103, January 2020
  • Public policies, productivity and economic growth in OECD countries LIEPP Working Paper n°102, January 2020
  • Evaluating Electoral Responses to Policies. What do we learn from Italian incarceration policies LIEPP Policy Brief n°45, janvier 2020
  • Circumstantial Liberals: Czech Germans in Interwar Czechoslovakia LIEPP Working Paper n°101, janvier 2020
  • Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail: Did Immigration Cause Brexit ? LIEPP Working Paper n°100, January 2020
  • A la rescousse des champions nationaux: le pouvoir politique des entreprises et la refonte du régime global de lutte contre la corruption LIEPP Working Paper n°99, janvier 2020
  • Causal Inference and Impact Evaluation Nicolas JACQUEMET Economie et statistiques n° 510-511-512, p. 181–200, décembre 2019
  • Shared Book Reading Interventions and Children's Skills Emilio Chambouleyron, Reka Vonnak LIEPP Working Paper n°98, december 2019