Research Domains

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  • Shared Book Reading Interventions and Children's Skills Emilio Chambouleyron, Reka Vonnak LIEPP Working Paper n°98, december 2019
  • L'impact redistributif des modèles socio-fiscaux de protection sociale Victor AMOUREUX LIEPP Report Juillet 2019
  • Liberal versus Political Models of Global Governance LIEPP Working Paper n°97, november 2019
  • The inflated measures of governmental instability Björn Erik RASCH, Osnat AKIRAV LIEPP Working Paper n°96, november 2019
  • Why we need a European Social Union. A free standing political justification LIEPP Working Paper n°95, novembre 2019
  • Frontline Workers and the Role of Legal and Regulatory Intermediaries LIEPP Working Paper n°94, octobre 2019
  • Social origins, shared book reading and language skills in early childhood LIEPP Working Paper n°93, octobre 2019
  • Secular trends in Wealth and Heterogeneous Capital: Land is back... and should be taxed LIEPP Working Paper n°92, octobre 2019
  • The Dynamics of Expectations. A Look on Forecasting as a Sequence LIEPP Working Paper n°91, septembre 2019