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June 15, 2012
  • (c) Thomas Arrivé, direction de la Communication(c) Thomas Arrivé, direction de la Communication

LIEPP / Département de sociologie de Sciences Po

15 June, 2012

OSC, Salle Annick Percheron
98, rue de l'Université

9h00 - 9h30

François Bonnet (Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam)

"How to perform non-racism? Colorblind speech norms and race-conscious policies among private and public security personnel"

10h10 - 10h40

Ivaylo Petev (Postdoctoral Fellow, LSQ)

"Framework to Measure Social Strucute: The Case of Commoditization in Postwar United States"

11h00 - 11h30

Joy Pixley (Assistant Professor, University of California, Irvine)

"Career Heirarchy and Work-Family Conflict in Dual Earner Couples"

11h35 - 12h05

Anne Révillard (Maitresse de conférences en sociologie, Université de Paris 13 Villetaneuse)

"The 'Glass Ceiling' in Public Administration: A Qualitative Approach"

12h10 - 12h40

Stefania Sabatinelli (Postdoctoral Fellow, DIAP, Department of Architecture and Planning, Polytechnic of Milan)

"The resistible rise of service-based public policies. Italy between privatization trends, policy freeze and need for reforms"

Crime Control

With the University of Chicago Crime Lab
May 31st - June 1st
  • "Police-1978" by Andy Wilson (CC BY-NC-ND)"Police-1978" by Andy Wilson (CC BY-NC-ND)

The Interdisciplinary Research Center for the Evaluation of Public Policies (LIEPP), the Department of Economics at Sciences Po, and the University of Chicago Crime Lab are jointly organizing a two day workshop in Paris May 31st and June 1st 2012 on Crime Control policies.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide a forum for bringing together economists and other social scientist from Europe, the US, Central and South America, and elsewhere, to discuss empirical research related to the causes of criminal behavior and the most efficient strategies for crime control. The forum is open to psychologists, sociologists, criminologists, demographers, legal scholars and other researchers, as well as economists, in order to promote inter-disciplinary discussions relevant to the study of crime.

The workshop will take place at Paris Campus of Sciences Po Paris located in the city center of Paris. The preliminary program is attached below.

Registration before May 25th, by sending an email to : Pilar Calvo (

The Workshop is organized by

You can also read the seminar leaflet in PDF format.

[update] See also the paper Jens Ludwig published after visiting LIEPP: "Long-term effects of neighborhood environments on low-income families" , LIEPP Working Paper n°4, october 2012

Social Mediation in School

Evaluation of preventative actions
Fonds d'Expérimentation pour la Jeunesse
  • "École" by Xdebx (CC-BY-NC)"École" by Xdebx (CC-BY-NC)

The team composed of Yann Algan, Nina Guyon and Elise Huillery has been engaged by “Le Fonds d’Expérimentation pour la Jeunesse (FEJ)” in the framework of a call to tender on the “prevention and battle against harassment in school” in collaboration with “France Médiation”. Their project is to evaluate the impact of social mediation policies implemented in primary and secondary schools on the prevalence of violence. It proposes to assess the level of well-being of the students, their parents, and the educational personnel, as well as the academic success of the students. This experiment also seeks to determine the mechanisms through which the program produces the observed effects.

The program will consist of training educational teams in the process of mediation with the pupils and their families, as well as in conflict management, and to train volunteer pupils in peer mediation. The impact of this program will be compared to that of a less costly system of “harassment awareness” led by the passage and operation of an inquiry on victimization conducted on students and educational personnel at the beginning of the academic year. Overall, the project will be developed in 280 educational establishments.

A qualitative balance sheet of practices will also allow for an understanding of the eventual difficulties encountered during the implementation of the project, but also the elements determinant of its success. Finally, a precise analysis of the costs and benefits generated by the action, taking into account the costs avoided due to the action, will be conducted. This evaluation will therefore allow for the development of research in educational economics on the non-cognitive determinants of academic success and on the evolution of these determinants with age.

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Call for proposals

Research axis
Closing date: May 22nd 2012
  • Sciences Po NewsSciences Po News

The LIEPP is developing its activities around prioritary research axis and has launched a call for proposals open to Sciences Po's researchers.

Main objectives

  • Acknowledgement of excellence in research at the LIEPP in targeted fields;
  • Coordination of LIEPP affiliated researchers working on similar themes;
  • Production of a major scientific report on one specific theme related to a research axis;
  • Production of high end scientific work evaluated on criteria demanded by the National Agency for Research for the Laboratoires d'Excellence (Labex) and for the Initiaves d'Excellence (Idex).

For further details, please read the full text of the call for proposals (pdf format). If you wish to apply, please use our candidacy form.

Closing date is May 22nd 2012

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Uses and Misuses of PISA Surveys

by Marie Duru-Bellat
LIEPP 3rd Policy Brief

"Usages et mésusages des enquêtes PISA dans l’évaluation et le pilotage des systèmes éducatifs" (Uses and Misuses of PISA Surveys in the Evaluation and Steering of Educational Systems) by Marie Duru-Bellat.
Read the full text .
April 2012.

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