Student to work on Inequalities in housing across school sectors

Student to work on Inequalities in housing across school sectors

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Le LIEPP recherche un.e étudiant.e pour un poste d'assitante.e de recherche en contrat de vacation (rémunéré à l'heure) pour un projet sur les inégalités de logement à l’échelle des secteurs scolaires.

Supervisors of the project:

Marco Oberti, Sciences Po, OSC-LIEPP

Quentin Ramond, COES, Santiago du Chili et Sciences Po, OSC-LIEPP

Job description:

The goal is to contribute to the analysis of housing inequalities at the school district level in the Paris metropolitan area (i.e. Ile-de-France). Prior research has demonstrated the significant correlation between real estate prices and the quality of the school offer (Fack et Grenet, 2010). However, the spatial dimension of housing inequalities and its relationship with the unequal distribution of educational opportunities has been less analyzed. This lack of empirical evidence on the link between housing and educational inequalities is partly explained by the unavailability of public school districts’ boundaries file (“carte scolaire”).

The research assistant will have to create a file with the public school districts’ geographic boundaries at the public middle-school level (“collège”) for the entire Paris metropolitan area (except for inner Paris). The expected result is a shapefile in which the public school districts of the Paris metropolitan area are represented by a polygon layer.

Required profile:

Master or PhD student in sociology, urban geography, geomatics, spatial economic/econometrics

Advanced knowledge in the structure and analysis of spatial database

Advanced skills in the use of GIS software (QGis and/or ArcGis) and statistical software (Stata and/or R)

Knowledge and experience in the analysis of educational and urban inequalities is an additional asset but is not required


Hour paid contract : 50 hours

Gross remuneration: 12€/hour

Date: October/November 2020


To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter with a description of your research interests and brief presentation of the methodology you intend to use to create the public school districts geographic boundaries.

Deadline to send your application: October 15th 2020

Please send your application file to with "Candidature Vacataire – Inégalités de logement" in the subject.

Please note that it is essential that the candidate is a student (a school certificate for 2020/2021 will be required).

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