Book presentation: "Le Grand retour de la terre dans les patrimoines"

Book presentation: "Le Grand retour de la terre dans les patrimoines"

May 16th, 5pm-7pm (hybrid format)
  • Actualité Sciences PoActualité Sciences Po

LIEPP is glad to invite you to the book presentation: 

Le Grand Retour de la terre dans les patrimoines 

Monday May 16th, 5pm - 7pm
Location : C.S25, 1 place Saint Thomas d'Aquin, 75007 and zoom
Mandatory registration

Alain TRANNOY, Étienne WASMER, Le Grand Retour de la terre dans les patrimoines. Et pourquoi c'est une bonne nouvelle !, Odile Jacob, 2022. 

Presentation by : 

  • Étienne Wasmer, Professor of Economics, NYU Abu Dhabi and co-founder of LIEPP

Discussion by: 

  • Jacques-François Thisse, Professor of Economics, Louvain la Neuve
  • Bruno Palier, Political science CNRS research director, CEE, Sciences Po and former LIEPP director
  • Hans Helmut Kotz, Senior fellow in Economics, Leibniz Institute for Financial Research and Visiting professor of Economics, Harvard University

Book abstract: 

France is rich. The value of its property holdings is now worth 7,000 billion euros, or three years of national income, compared with barely one year after the Second World War. How can this increase be explained and who benefits from it? Is this a real-estate bubble that is a little more sustainable than others? And, if not, what consequences should we draw from it for our economy?

In this fascinating and meticulously documented book, Alain Trannoy and Étienne Wasmer explain why urban land has increased in value considerably over the last thirty years, a trend that the French preference for land and ecological constraints ("zéro artificialisation") can only reinforce. So what should we do with this providential windfall? The authors propose nothing less than a fiscal revolution. With one objective: to significantly reduce taxes on economic activity, to increase wages while supporting the accumulation of productive capital, in order to perpetuate our social model.

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