25 July 2018
©V. Dubois-Bouchet / Sciences Po

A doctoral seminar to learn about pedagogy in higher education

Teaching, like research, demands time, thought and action. To make Science Po’s doctoral students more aware of pedagogical innovations and […]
4 January 2018
@Véronique DUBOIS-BOUCHET / Sciences Po

The teacher’s Lunchboxes – a place where to transform pedagogy and share innovative practices

The teachers’ Lunchboxes are a place dedicated to raising awareness to the educational transformation taking place in higher education. They […]
4 January 2018
2015-students in class, Havre Campus, Europe Asia ©Martin Argyroglo / Sciences Po

A survey on the pedagogical use of images : for a more advanced teaching of critical analysis

At the beginning of 2017, Sciences Po’s teachers were invited to reply to a survey concerning the use they do […]