Introduction: Training and support for professors

The recent creation of our Active Pedagogy Lab bolsters Science Po’s efforts to promote active pedagogy among our academic staff. A wide range of support is available, all aimed at giving professors the tools they need to adapt every moment of teacher-student interaction in accordance with their priorities, profiles and projects. The Active Pedagogy Lab brings together the skills of Sciences Po’s many departments to work towards the same goal: the continual strengthening of pedagogic transmission.

Professors can call upon the services of a pedagogic engineer for individual support to resolve pedagogic issues and implement innovative projects. If a professor is teaching for the first time and in need of advice, he or she can contact the lab at:

Professors are also invited to attend one of many regular events and workshops where they can share experiences and explore teaching methods in a supportive group environment:

Designed and facilitated by the Lab’s pedagogic engineers, Lunchbox is a space for sharing and exchanging ideas relating to pedagogic transformation. Every year, these encounters offer several dozen teachers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with innovative pedagogic methods.

Lunchbox discussions are firmly based on concrete projects and activities. After the sessions, the pedagogic engineers may propose individual support programs for professors.

Launched in September 2017, the interdisciplinary doctoral seminar “Design Your Lesson Plans and Your Pedagogy” offers doctoral students two days of teacher training for the university classroom. During the two days, participants explore subjects such as learning scenarios, classroom management, hybrid teaching strategies and evaluation methods.

FORCCAST focuses on the specific issues relating to the training of trainers. Offered in a variety of formats for both secondary and university professors, sessions address how to map controversies, including simulations of debates and negotiations.

Conducted by our Center for Digital Education, Moodle training complements our pedagogic transformation support by providing access to a multifunction digital platform designed especially for teachers.

The Sciences Po Library, which offers access to close to a million printed and digitized documents, provides individualized library training for teachers so they can make better use of its valuable research tools. Taking into account their specific needs, librarians introduce professors to a wide range of databases related to their fields, and help them figure out the appropriate research methodology for specific subjects. If the teacher wishes, the library staff can also visit their classes. In addition to presenting the library’s resources, the librarians show students how to conduct in-depth research a particular subject, or on a more global level, how to hone their information skills so they can be more effective and on-topic in their work (presentations, papers, dissertations, etc.). To set up an appointment, or for more information, contact the library at:

Our librarians are also available for processing professors’ reading lists, rapidly ordering books and other documents so that all the necessary materials are ready for their students when classes begin. Professors can send their reading lists to:

The librarians are available at the main office at 27 rue Saint Guillaume, as well as at 30 rue Saint Guillaume, from 9:00am to 7:30pm.