Book release: “Wise Cities” in the Mediterranean? Challenges of Urban Sustainability
5th July 2018
2018 Conference on Europe and the Middle East & North Africa: Building Bridges, Mapping the Future
10th September 2018

Recruiting: 2019-2021 Scientific Advisor to the Kuwait Chair

Scientific Advisor to the Kuwait Chair 2019-2021

The Scientific Advisor to the Kuwait Chair will support the development of original research and teaching on the Middle East and North Africa for a two-year period, focusing on political economy issues, human development policies, urban policies, environmental issues, comparative study of legislative cycles in the region or health issues. The Kuwait Chair will have access to 100,000 euros in research funds over the two year period, and teach one course each semester at the Paris School of International Affairs. The Scientific Advisor will also contribute to a series of annual events and meetings in Kuwait, committing to a minimum of two-one week trips yearly.