Frédéric Mion, Director of Sciences Po and Dr Adnan Shihab-Eldin, Director General of KFAS ©Thomas Arrivé / Sciences Po

The Kuwait Program at Sciences Po is a longstanding partnership between the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) and Sciences Po. KFAS is a private non-profit organization dedicated to supporting progress and advancement of science and technology.

Working together, the two institutions support a range of initiatives in the fields of research, teaching and academic events, with special emphasis on the study of the Arab World and Gulf region.

The Program develops a range of initiatives for students and faculty. It supports students through a number of scholarships and awards (see Student Activities). It also has developed a dynamic academic network organized around a full-time professorship position and a visiting faculty program; both these initiatives are continuing to grow (see Academic Opportunities). The Program also operates a series of events for students and academics, which includes previous conferences such as “Europe and the Middle East & North Africa: Building Bridges, Mapping the Future” (2018), ‘“Wise Cities” in the Mediterranean? The Challenge of Environmental and Social Sustainability’ (2018), “Crisis and Conflict in the Agrarian World: An Evolving Dialectic” (2017) and “Whither the Arab World? Revisiting Democratic Transition Theory” (2014).

Following a successful ten-year agreement, the partnership between KFAS and Sciences Po was renewed for five years (2017-2022).

More information on our new agreement can can be found in the press release (PDF, 99 Ko).

The Kuwait Program spans across Sciences Po’s 7 schools, and is managed under the International Affairs Division.