Summer school for Raffles Institution students

  • Sciences Po: Raffles Institution Summer Camp 2015

    Parts of the video are filmed in the Musée d’Orsay, visited by the students.

    Francis Vérillaud, vice president of Science Po

    Raffles is a high school, it’s one of the best – if not the best – high school in Singapore. So they will get a sort of fresh taste of the Sciences Po education, the Sciences Po teaching. And we do hope that many of those students will have a strong interest in coming, maybe later on, coming back to Sciences Po, to study at Sciences Po.

    Francesco Saraceno, economist at Sciences Po

    Today’s class was about the European crisis, we have a dominant narrative which puts the emphasis on the fiscal problems of the countries of the periphery, and we try to contrast it with a more complicated view, which is that the European Monetary Union does not have the forces within it that prevent divergence. And this divergence exploded with the crisis.

    Alexander Yean, Raffles Institution student

    These are real scholars and academics who wrote books, who contribute articles to international journals. And to hear the knowledge and insights from their own mouths, to present your original work — for us, students, who aren’t even at university, it’s really quite an honor.

    Tee Ming Zee, Raffles Institution student

    I’d like to pursue a career in political sciences, to do political sciences, international relations — and in that aspect, I think the succession of lectures for this week has been very beneficial to me.

    Alexander Yean, Raffles Institution student

    I think that the beauty of Paris comes from the fact that it’s both very well-planned and very well-organized, but it’s also very original. And I can feel that the people here really love the city.

    Xu Pei Yao, Raffles Institution student

    Most days we have lesson in the morning, then we just travel around Paris in the afternoon. Paris is my dream city since I was a little child, and it’s really romantic, and that’s why I come to Paris.

    Lee Isaiah, Raffles Institution student

    I think Paris is a very romantic city, in its own way, it has its own, like, quaint charm.

    Nah Sze Pernj, Raffles Institution student

    I’ve never seen so much art in my life.

    Xu Pei Yao, Raffles Institution student

    Yeah, I really learned a lot from the past four days. And I’m actually considering having my education in Sciences Po in the future.

    Nah Sze Pernj, Raffles Institution student

    I do think it’s interesting considering pursuing a degree over there.

    Lee Isaiah, Raffles Institution student

    Sciences Po is a very professional school, with very experienced tutors, and I really find that the experience is very fruitful for me.

    Nah Sze Pernj, Raffles Institution student

    I learned about the values that France has can be very different from other cultures, but also how they work in their own ways, how the values of Republicanism, liberty, and egalitarism work. And we can see them in all works of the French lives, in the restaurants, or the museums.

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This summer school for Singaporean high school students provides an overview of the European institutions and how they work. The students come to Sciences Po for one week, each year in June.

Programme description 2015 (PDF, 1.6 Mo)


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