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    Sciences Po: 11 February 2016, Visit from the President of Keio University

    Atsushi Seike, President of Keio University

    Keio University is the top private university in Japan. It was established in 1858, more than 150 years ago.

    Paul Fleurance, Sciences Po student, Keio alumnus

    It’s a university with a strong focus on economics compared to Tokyo daigaku or Waseda. That is what Keio is renowned for; it has educated several of Japan’s top CEOs.

    Maëlle Charreau, Sciences Po student, Keio alumna

    I took an excellent course taught, by a professor called Mitsu Ashi-sensei. We worked on business-focused case studies based on Japanese companies. It was fascinating both in terms of content and of how the course was organized as we got to share completely different viewpoints between international students and Japanese students.

    Atsushi Seike, President of Keio University

    I’m very glad to see the recently remarkable development of the double degree programs. The undergraduate double degree program started in 2012 and has been fostering the next generation of leaders with an open mind, solid economical knowledge, and well-grounded sophistication.

    Taku Irimajiri, student on the Sciences Po-Keio dual Bachelor’s program

    It will be a perfect opportunity to go and study abroad.

    Marius Harnischfeger, student on the Sciences Po-Keio dual Bachelor’s program

    I chose the Sciences Po-Keio program because I’ve been studying French and Japanese now for five and four years respectively.

    Atsushi Seike, President of Keio University

    In the double degree master’s program, which started in 2009, graduate students are able to obtain the most advanced knowledge of economics.

    Maëlle Charreau, Sciences Po student, Keio alumna

    In the long term, joining either a French or a Japanese company and going back there to live is really one of my hopes for my career and my life in the future.

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Les liens entre Sciences Po et l’Asie Pacifique sont anciens et se sont renforcés depuis une dizaine d’années. De nombreux programmes originaux et de haut niveau ont été développés, que ce soit pour la formation initiale ou exécutive, programmes diplômants ou sur mesure pour nos partenaires.  Autre spécificité de Sciences Po en Asie, l’existence de délégations en Inde et en Chine. Ces délégations permettent une action au plus près du terrain, en relation directe avec les interlocuteurs sur place. 

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