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    Videos of the Paris campus and city throughout the interviews.

    Madeleine, University of Pennsylvania

    Everybody wants to go to Paris. Let’s just get that out there.

    Miyuu, University of Tokyo

    I wanted to learn French in Paris, and have challenge in a foreign country.

    Jacopo, University of Bologna

    Science Po is well known to be one of the best schools in Europe for social sciences.

    Charles, London School of Economics

    An opportunity to study abroad was one that I couldn’t not take, especially in Paris.

    Frederic Mion, President of Sciences Po

    Sciences Po is an internationally renown, world-class research university, which specializes in the social sciences. Wherever they come from, whatever their academic and professional goals, students will find their place at Sciences Po.

    Nicole Bryant, Head of the Summer School

    Sciences Po summer school is a unique opportunity for students all over the world to discover Sciences Po during the summer months. The summer school is held on our Paris campus, located in the heart of the historic Saint-Germain-des-Près neighborhood.

    Charles, student from the London School of Economics

    The reputation at Sciences Po precedes it, especially as a school of social science.

    Jacopo, University of Bologna

    Sciences Po has one of the best program in the international affairs and political sciences, and the summer school really allows you to understand how things work in a really good university. One of the main reasons I came here to Sciences Po is the melting pot of different cultures, people from all over the world. It’s like a representation of the world in a “petit groupe.”

    Madeleine, University of Pennsylvania

    It’s just been amazing to hear what they think, especially to talk politics with them because I get to learn about what they think about my country. And they’re passionate about what I’m passionate about, so we just have amazing conversations.

    Miyuu, University of Tokyo

    I’ve been learning French in my university as my second foreign language, and I wanted to try my French here, and I wanted to have challenge in a foreign country.

    Charles, London School of Economics

    When I arrived at the summer school, I was probably just above the level of a complete beginner, but in the three weeks I’ve been here so far, there’s been a pretty rapid improvement. I’m a lot more confident speaking to people on the streets, or in cafés or restaurants.

    Madeleine, University of Pennsylvania

    Coming to the summer school and seeing how much I could improve with a program like this has made studying in a francophone country, getting a job where I would need to speak fluent French, seem much more accessible. It’s possible. I didn’t know it was possible before.

    Miyuu, University of Tokyo

    The image I had of Paris before I came here was all the famous world heritage sites, like the Musée du Louvre and Notre-Dame.

    Madeleine, University of Pennsylvania

    Paris is just such a complex and amazing city that you know it’s an education outside of the classroom to live here. And it’s definitely a privilege.

    All students, in their native languages

    See you soon at Sciences Po!

    Sciences Po,

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Over summer in the heart of Paris, the Summer School gives students from around the globe the chance to discover Sciences Po, one of the world's leading universities in the social sciences.

Social sciences and French language

At the Summer School, students experience both the Sciences Po way of teaching and its exceptional multiculturalism. It is also an opportunity to discover the Sciences Po environment and French culture, in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris.

Students can choose between two courses – either a course in the social sciences or an intensive French language course designed around social science topics.

Discover Sciences Po

The courses alternate between lectures, small group work, debates and seminars taught by professors and practitioners. The Summer School also organises cultural activities such as walking tours of the city, visits to sites of interest and museums, etc.

This programme is open to students or prospective students who would like to pursue an international career, to study at Sciences Po, or simply to satisfy their intellectual curiosity. People in employment who have a university degree or equivalent can also participate.

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