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    Views of the Reims campus and city throughout the video

    Megan Baretta, Canadian student

    I came to Reims to work on my French, primarily, but also to have an international experience. I was able to have a European experience with the unique campus of Reims, while staying in a small city that provided me the warmth and the knowledge of a true French culture.

    Rafael Skokanic, Austrian American student

    I came to Reims to be on a campus with students coming from, not just North America and France, but from all over Europe, and from the entire world.

    Olivier Ruchet, Deputy Director of the Reims Campus

    Excellent students on the Reims campus will be able to choose between four different certificate programs. They can choose between Business and Economics, International Affairs and Strategy, European Affairs, and Journalism. In each of these programs, the students will take three courses covered by the area of the program. Then they will take an elective, and a French language class.

    Megan Baretta, Canadian student

    I really have gotten an immersion into European politics by taking a European politics course, and it’s been very interesting because not only are we talking about different countries, but in our class it’s a plethora of students that are actually from each country. So International Relations becomes very real.

    Emanuel Ortengren, Swedish student

    Sciences Po has given me a lot of support: when you come in and you’re a complete beginner in French, you have several classes a week, so you get accustomed to the language quite quickly.

    Megan Baretta, Canadian student

    Studying at Sciences Po has been a really great benefit. I found that I do my work in English, however I speak with my friends in French, I speak in the city, I’ve spoken when I’m travelling in French. And I also take an intensive French language course at a high level.

    Olivier Ruchet, Deputy Director of the Reims Campus

    In terms of academic style we value interactions in the classroom very much between the professor and the students, and among the students themselves.

    Justice Betty, Canadian student

    I know that I’m not only learning from world’s class professors, but through the distinct discussion format that Sciences Po offers. I’m learning from my peers.

    Nathalie Jacquet, Director of the Reims Campus

    Students are involved in many many kinds of activities like group projects, student associations, sports, creative activities.

    Megan Baretta, Canadian student

    I joined the Rotaract group which focuses on international outreach but also does philanthropy within the community. I joined the Acapela choir to do something which I’ve always loved, which is singing, and it’s student-directed which is really fun and really collaborative.

    Nathalie Jacquet, Director of the Reims Campus

    Reims is only thirty minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport through the high speed rail, and it’s only forty-five minutes from Paris. The Reims campus is located in an old Jesuit college from the 17th century. It provides very special study environment because it combines a historical French legacy with really modern facilities.

    Cristina Sanchez Herran, Spanish student

    Basically I came here and I fell in love with the cathedral. I thought, this is an amazing building, which actually embodies, as this particular Jesuit college, just two of these old souls of the city of Reims, that itself is so pacifying and so open to everyone, and welcoming. This city has so much to offer.

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Sciences Po’s exchange programme welcomes more than 1,500 students each year from 470 partner universities around the world. At Bachelor’s level, exchange students can choose from Sciences Po’s seven campuses: Dijon, Le Havre, Menton, Nancy, Paris, Poitiers and Reims. Exchange students at Master’s or PhD level study on the Paris campus.

Exchange students come to Sciences Po for one or two semesters and can study in English, French or in both languages.

The exchange programme is an excellent opportunity to discover Sciences Po’s internationally-focused and professionally-relevant social science curriculum, distinctive teaching methods and vibrant student life.

Exchange programme admissions

The exchange programme is open to students at Sciences Po’s partner universities. If your university is one of our partners, check with your home university if you are eligible for an exchange at Sciences Po.

Prepare for your stay

Congratulations, you have been accepted! Now it’s time to prepare for your exchange.

Start by finding out what you need to do straight away; this includes completing your administrative registration and course registration and, in some cases, applying for a visa for your stay in France.

Then check the information for international students.

Academic calendar

Exchange students can study for one or two semesters at Sciences Po, depending on their home university’s requirements.

Consult the academic calendar

Costs of studying in France

Exchange students pay their tuition fees to their home university, not to Sciences Po. However, students need to be able to cover the costs incurred by studying abroad such as travel expenses and health insurance.

Find out more about the cost of living in France: Finance your studies at Sciences Po

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