Personal statement (3d year in the USA application)

To apply for an american university for your third year abroad, you will need to attach a personal statement to your application form. Here are some useful tips. 


Your objective is to show that you have carefully researched your six preferred university destinations; and to convincingly explain why all six correspond to your profile.


Maximum two pages recto, typed, character size no smaller than 10.


Seven paragraphs (introductory paragraph + 6 body paragraphs); no conclusion necessary!

Paragraph 1 is your introduction: discuss your interest in the zones you have chosen; briefly explain your personal, academic, and professional interests; list the six universities in order of preference;

Paragraph 2 focuses on your first choice: explain why this university best matches your academic, professional and personal interests; you may cite a department, course, or professor that is relevant to your project, and any other relevant characteristics, i.e., type of university, location, size. Do not tell us about the ranking of the university; do not write lyrically about its beauty. We know this already and you will be wasting precious space!

Paragraphs 3-7 focus on your other five choices, one paragraph per choice; remember that your objectives, as stated above, remain the same for all six choices, so make sure that all body paragraphs are the same length!

Note for the University of California (UC)

If the University of California (UC) is among your choices, for the purposes of this letter, please focus on one specific UC campus only. If you are nominated to UC by the D.A.I.E., it will not be to a specific campus; rather, UC will determine this in the spring. 

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