The City of Paris grant

The City of Paris provides additional financial support to Sciences Po students undertaking an Erasmus+ exchange. This supplementary grant is means-tested. The number of recipients depends on the budget allocated to Sciences Po by the Paris City Council.

The City of Paris grant is means-tested. The City of Paris grant provides 160 euros per month to eligible students. The grant is not awarded automatically.


Eligibility for the grant depends on social criteria such as household income and composition. The number of recipients depends on the overall budget allocated to Sciences Po by the City of Paris.

The main criteria that determines eligibility for the grant is the "quotient familial" (criteria set by the City of Paris). The family quotient corresponds to the household's net taxable income as appears on the tax notice divided by the number of tax units (e.g. taxable person=1, dependent child=1/2) which, to be eligible for the grant for 2016-2017, must not exceed €19,461. For 2016-2017, the family quotient for households that are resident for tax purposes in France will be based on the tax notice received in September 2016 regarding 2015 income. Students who belong to a household that is resident for tax purposes outside France must submit whichever official tax documents allow the family quotient to be calculated.

Other criteria may also be taken into account in awarding the City of Paris grant.

The number of grants available each year is determined by the total amount of funding available. For instance, for 2015-2016, as the budget had been reduced, eligibility also depended on the total financial support a student received (Crous scholarships, Sciences Po grant, Erasmus+ grant). The students given priority were those who received little financial aid apart from Erasmus+ (no other grants and/or no internship stipend).

How to apply

The application form for the City of Paris grant can be downloaded from this website (from July 2016). Students who wish to apply for the grant must send their applications by email to the Erasmus+ office. Applications must include the 2016 tax notice for 2015 income (households resident for tax purposes in France), or any other official tax document attesting to family income (households resident for tax purposes outside France).

Students are notified of the outcome of their application in early December.

The City of Paris grant is paid in one lump sum in December.

Download the application form for 2016-2017 (PDF, 352 Ko).

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