[Recruitment] An Assistant Professor in History "Genocide and mass violence in 20th century Europe"

[Recruitment] An Assistant Professor in History "Genocide and mass violence in 20th century Europe"

Deadline: September 20, 2024
  • Etudiants avec masques dans l’amphithéâtre, rentrée 2020. Thomas Arrivé / ScPoEtudiants avec masques dans l’amphithéâtre, rentrée 2020. Thomas Arrivé / ScPo

The Centre d'Histoire de Sciences Po / Centre for History at Sciences Po (CHSP) is recruiting a tenure-track FNSP Assistant Professor (private status) in the history of genocide and mass violence in 20th-century Europe. The research areas concerned may cover the whole of the European continent, extending as far as the Caucasus, with a particular but by no means exclusive focus on Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

The CHSP focuses on modern political history, with a wide range of subjects and approaches. It is especially interested in international perspectives, including comparative and entangled histories.

Within this general framework, the post lies at the crossroads between the history of the policies and practices of persecution and extermination, the history of war and civil war, and the history of forms of violence. These issues connect with the Centre's existing areas of research strength.

Applicants may specialise in the following areas:

  • the study of genocide and mass violence perpetrated against entire groups: diasporas, ethnic, religious and sexual minorities, women, children, social and political enemies, vulnerable groups and even entire nations;
  • the objectives, methods, traumatic effects and memorial representations of genocide and mass violence (deportation, ethnic cleansing, massacres, extermination) and all aspects of resistance to genocide or mass violence;
  • the history of these mass crimes’ qualification, within law and the social sciences.

Approaches may range from genocidal projects and practices on the scale of States to micro-historical studies, from the history of Empires to that of survivors, from the history of law to archaeology.

Applications should be historians of genocide and of mass violence. It would be appreciated if they can contribute to the interdisciplinary dialogue in relation to present debates, and through their work, contribute to reflection on the sources of contemporary tension and violence in Europe. The person recruited will contribute to the many initiatives taken by Sciences Po in terms of training, of raising awareness among the younger generation, and of partnerships with civil society.

The position requires both individual and group research experience. Candidates should already have experience of teaching and active participation in scientific debates. Particular attention will be paid to interdisciplinary and transnational approaches. Fluency in English and either fluency in French or a commitment to rapidly acquire a working knowledge of the French language are required.

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