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Anti-corruption and compliance

Salym Ait Nouri
Salym Aït-Nouri

Program Advisor

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Sciences Po Paris Campus


This training is available in the intra-enterprise (ou inter-establishment), reserved exclusively for your teams. 


You may adapt this training to the specific needs of your organization.


  •     Executives, c-level Public Officers, Directors/ Managers from public organizations, Legal Affairs Managers

Objectifs de la formation

  • Understand the drivers of corruption
  • Strengthen analytical skills
  • Identify and analyse the instruments necessary to develop integrity
  • Comprehend the recent international initiatives

Programme de la formation

To undestand the anti-corruption issues, we need to examine the cross-cutting nature of corruption and the rule of law, and to learn about innovative instruments designed to promote integrity and anti-corruption.

1. Definition of corruption and its impact on social and economic life

  • Public and private corruption
  • Active and passive corruption
  • The concept of influence peddling
  • Integrity in business

2. What kinds of corruption risks do companies face ?

  • Criminal sanctions for the company, the representatives and the employees therein
  • Financial risk, economical risk
  • Media

3. Legal framework of anticorruption and international convention

  • Examples of national legislations: US, FCPA, UK Bribery Act, France Sapin 2 Law, etc.

4. Examples of risky activities

  • Working with third parties , gifts, invitations, sponsoring, etc.

5. What does a successful anticorruption program look life ?

  • Role of management
  • Risk mapping
  • Tools
  • Communication
  • Code of ethics

Modalités pratiques

  • Duration : 2 days
  • Schedules : 9 am - 6 pm


  • Presentations followed by question and answer sessions, and by exchanges with the participants
  • Case studies


  • No pre-requisite required.

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