Understanding Creation and Emotion

Wednesday 13 November 2019 19h15 à 21h15
Amphithéâtre Jean Moulin 13 Rue de l'Université, Paris, France
Organized bySciences Po School of Management and Innovation

A masterclass by Nicolas Degennes, Makeup and Colour Artistic Director at Givenchy.

Nicolas Degennes is one of those daring people who simply refuse to be pigeonholed. Between France and the United States, he studied theatre, music, art and photography, but it is in another field altogether that he found his way: makeup.

Among the milestones of his incredible creative path are the creation of Canal+ ’s black and white signature visual identity, the design of the makeup for movies Dobermann by Jan Kounen and Immortal by Enki Bilal. He also worked on fashion shows for Thierry Mugler, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen.

In 1999, Nicolas Degennes was attracted to the elegance and creative freedom offered by Givenchy.

Upon becoming the brand’s Makeup and Colour Artistic Director, he brought to the Maison what he had learnt during his years on cinema sets: his absolute mastery of light and colours as well as his talent for going where you least expect him to go.

Nicolas Degennes captures the spirit of his time like no other, and is involved in all aspects of design at Givenchy. Passionate about innovation, his creations are characterised by their cutting-edge formulas, unique textures and evolving colours.

He will share with us his personal experience as a creator and will tell us about the relationships that, in his opinion, exist between the creation process and a brand like Givenchy Beauty.

A Masterclass of the “RV de la Création”, Sciences Po School of Management and Innovation. 

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