Shipping the Future / Shaping the Future. Meet CMA-CGM

Mercredi 3 octobre 2018 19h15 à 21h15
Amphithéâtre Leroy-Beaulieu-Sorel - 27 rue Saint Guillaume 75007 Paris
Organisé parSciences Po Carrières

Corporate Social Reponsability at CMA-CGM.

With guest speakers :

  • Julien Topenot, Head of Environment and Sustainability, CMA-CGM.

He has over 20 years of experience in environment and sustainability in the electronics and shipping industry.

He will discuss various aspects such as how to define, develop and implement environment and sustainability strategies within the organization (challenges, key success factors…), CMA CGM Group CSR approach, strategic axis, key actions and results, and finally a focus on a key sustainability challenge with the energy transition for the Shipping Industry.

  • Claire Carloz, responsible for school relations and partnerships at CMA-CGM.

She will present intership and job opportunities at CMA CGM.

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