Measuring what counts for economic and social performance

Monday 4 November 2019 17h00 à 19h00
Amphithéâtre Emile Boutmy - 27 rue Saint-Guillaume 75007 Paris
Organized bySciences Po School of Public Affairs Co-Organized byOECD

Making the right choices for people, societies, and the planet means looking beyond GDP at things like inequalities, subjective well-being, economic insecurity, trust, environmental sustainability and more.

To help advance this important agenda, the OECD-hosted High Level Expert Group on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress (HLEG) has recently released a two-volume report emphasising that better metrics reflecting real people and their aspirations will help improve policy outcomes.

Joseph E. Stiglitz, Jean-Paul Fitoussi and Martine Durand will present the main outcomes of the reports.


  • Joseph E. Stiglitz, Professor at Columbia University
  • Jean-Paul Fitoussi, Emeritus Professor of Economics at Sciences Po and Luiss University
  • Martine Durand, OECD Chief Statistician and Director of Statistics and Data
  • François Bourguignon, Emeritus Professor at Paris School of Economics
  • Yann Algan, Dean of the School of Public Affairs and Professor of Economics at Sciences Po.

Portrait of Joseph Stiglitz ©Reda Settar