Masterclass by Sidney Toledano, LVMH: “40 Years of Luxury Business, What’s Ahead of Us?”

Wednesday 27 October 2021 19h15 à 21h15
27 Rue Saint-Guillaume, Paris, France
Organized bySciences Po School of Management and Innovation

Masterclass by Sidney Toledano, Chairman and CEO of LVMH Fashion Group and member of the LVMH Executive Committee.

Introduction by Natacha Valla, Dean of the Sciences Po School of Management and Innovation.

Luxury has undergone major upheavals for the past 40 years and is facing a number of important challenges: digitization, reversal of the balance of power with the customer, environmental issues, internationalization, new value chains etc …

How did Luxury evolve these 40 last years to become a major economic sector? How does Luxury succeed in reinventing itself constantly and make brands blossom? What are the most important new challenges ahead of us?

Moderation by Julie El Ghouzzi, CEO at Cultz and Teacher in the Master in New Luxury & Art de Vivre, Sciences Po School of Management and Innovation.

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