Priorising Mental Health at Sciences Po

Priorising Mental Health at Sciences Po

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With a busy academic schedule and a wealth of extra-curricular activities to balance alongside, life at Sciences Po can feel intense at times. With this in mind, the university is committed to prioritising questions of mental health and promoting the welfare of its students. It sees the provision of emotional and mental support as a responsibility of equal importance to teaching in order to help students reach their full academic and personal potential at Sciences Po.

The Sciences Po Health Centre provides a number of different services in support of student well-being.

Psychological Support

To help students manage their psychological health, Sciences Po offers individual meetings with mental health professionals appointed to listen and to provide personalised support and counselling. French, English, and German speaking psychologists are available by appointment. Find out more.

Anyone registered with the French social security system can also access France’s specialised BAPU psychological support centres for students (Bureaux d’aide psychologique universitaires), which are free of charge with your student card.

On the Reims campus, two general doctors and two psychologists are on site all week.

Wellness Workshops and Stress Management

Sciences Po offers an innovative range of personal development tools focused on stress management, mindfulness, meditation, and creativity. These include workshops in self-massage, sophrology, and various exercises designed to relieve physical and mental strain.

Art and Creativity Workshops

The various creative workshops available at Sciences Po provide students with a counterbalance to their studies and an opportunity to express themselves outside of academic assignments. An art therapist is also available to help students manage stress through creative activities.

Yoga in the Classroom

Bringing the methods of the Health Centre into her classroom at Sciences Po, lecturer Sophie Flak incorporates yoga breaks into her Master’s course on sustainable development and communications. She explains that yoga can aid concentration and recall as well as easing stress and anxiety, making it as useful academically as personally.

Talk to your Advisor

As well as the services offered by the Health Centre, students are always encouraged to speak to their Academic Advisor regarding any problem they encounter during the course of their time at Sciences Po, whether academic or personal.

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