Conférence "Data, platforms and cities"

Conférence "Data, platforms and cities"

Organisée par la Chaire Villes et numérique
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La Chaire Villes et Numérique organise le colloque "Data, Platforms and Cities" le jeudi 4 avril de 17h à 20h.

La conférence accueillera Alex Rosenblat, auteur de Uberland: How Algorithms are Rewriting the Rules of Work et Bianca Wylie, fondatrice de l'Open Data Institute Toronto. Leurs présentations seront discutées par Valérie Peugeot, chercheuse en études numériques au Lab Orange. 

Langue : anglais

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Sujet : "How do data and algorithms transform relationships between actors within cities? How do digital companies aim to manage our daily lives as city dwellers and workers? How does it feel to be managed by an algorithm? What is Google's vision of urban planning? What alternatives can be considered? This conference aims to question the dynamics of power in cities linked to the accumulation of data by digital platforms. First, Alex Rosenblat will present her four-years ethnographic research on Uber drivers’ working conditions. Then, Bianca Wylie will expose the controversial project of Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of the Alphabet group (Google), which plans to create Toronto's neighbourhood of the future."

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