The urban planning in Workshop in Buenos Aires

The urban planning in Workshop in Buenos Aires

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The students of the Urban planning programme are in study trip in Buenos Aires since May 5th and they will stay until May 13th. They have one week to answer to an order from the Buenos Aires municipality. 

The issue

In fact, the city of Buenos Aires develops a big urban project. The mobility and the infrastructures of transport establish one of the structuring axes of this strategic project for the city and consequently for the metropolis. 

Comuna 8, one of the poorest parts of the city, is directly affected by this strategy and benefits from the development of projects of infrastructures of metropolitan and local dimension (transport line subway Belgrano Sur, new pre-subway and Métrobus). It is also the place of implementation of numerous projects such as the new seat of the City hall, or still the Olympic village builds to welcome 3rd Olympics of the youth in October, 2018.

The city hall wonders about the conditions of integration of these various projects and wishes to propose a strategic framework for this district which is peripheral and central at the same time compared with the city and to the metropolis.

The objectives

It will therefore be for the students of questioning and, maybe, of making the link between the district and the metropolis, and the projects of infrastructure and the current urban projects. The stake will also be to estimate the conditions of access at the housing and at the public places to answer the stakes in social mix and in property speculation. It will also be necessary to take into account the interweaving of the temporality and the scales of these various interventions.

The ambition is to make the students work on subjects closely linked: metropolitan dynamics, infrastructures transport, mobility, villas and housing, green spaces and rivers. It will also be a question of identifying sites and problems which deserve a deepening to distribute the students in various project teams.

At the end of the worshop, the students will present their recommendations during a seminar with the municipality of Buenos Aires as well as through a written report (FR-PDF,18Mo).

Discover he detailed programme of the journey (FR, PDF-352Ko).

To see the pictures of the workshop

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