Presentation of the capstone for ENGIE

Presentation of the capstone for ENGIE

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Some students of the Master in Governing the large metropolis presented on June 7th their capstone to their commissioning organisation ENGIE.

The project aimed at answering one key question: who funds the city in Australia? Thus, in line with the company’s strategy of “Business to Territory,” Anastasia Abashina, Hafid Ait Sidi Hammou, Ella Pinard-Bertelletto and Hiromitsu Takata conducted a large study on Australian urbanization trends and policies framing the city-making on one hand, and on Public-Private partnership regulation and top companies in construction, property development and planning on the other.

As a result, they managed to bring more clarity on the relationship between public and private sector in the Australian context and underlined key governmental bodies and companies, national and international. All in all, this Capstone reached its objectives by both drawing a big picture of the situation in the contemporary city-making in Australia but also by conveying precise messages and point of references for ENGIE to pass on the next phase of their operations.

The students were followed several months by a tutor Pauline Emile-Geay.

What is a capstone?

Called also group project or workgroup, this highlight of Master's degrees Regional and Urban StrategyGoverning the Large Metropolis and the Urban Planning Programme, puts the students in professional situation. These have to answer to an order of a private or public structure on an urban or territorial problem (housing environment, planning, economic development, transport, mobility, etc.).

During 5 to 9 months (according to the course), every team from 4 to 5 students works under the supervision of a tutor, a specialist of the handled question. The project ends in an oral presentation of the students to the commissioning organisation. This period of renditions takes place of the end of May to the middle of June.

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