The royal city welcomes the STU students in study trip

The royal city welcomes the STU students in study trip

  • Madrid © PixabayMadrid © Pixabay

The students in second year of the Master in Regional and Urban Strategy are going to Madrid from 12 till 16 November for their study trip.

Why Madrid? Our ambition during this study trip is to provide our students with an understanding of evolving forms of urban governance and policy-making in Madrid and the capital-city region. Through meetings with a large variety of stakeholders and site visits, we seek to examine this European city’s trajectory, marked by the 2008 economic crisis which deeply affected the city’s urban development.

Popular movements and new political movements emerged in the recent years and are engaged in a new urban agenda at the municipal level. However, recent changes only partly account for new and old forms of socio-economic inequalities, spatial disparities and political exclusion: institutional legacies should not be underestimated.What are in 2018 the effects of this trajectory? Do these European cities affected by the financial crisis and the contestation of traditional political parties present new models of urban governance and policies?

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