Propose a group project to the Urban School!

Propose a group project to the Urban School!

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We are launching today our annual campaign to identify "group projects" involving students, public and private actors, particularly around the deciphering of the crisis linked to COVID 19.

An unusual campaign

As Guillermo Martin, executive director of the School explains, "given the context, this campaign must be exceptional. Of course, we will continue to work actively with our partners on our common topics of choice: social change in all its forms, ecological transitions, institutional arrangements and forms of governance, in very varied fields (environment, development, real estate, mobility, economic development, social action, local democracy...), on very diverse territorial scales and in a resolutely comparative logic.

At the same time, however, we would also like to propose to some partners that they undertake projects specifically aimed at deciphering the current crisis, taking the time to analyse its particular forms, its causes and reflect on its consequences.

How does the health crisis unfold depending on where you live? How have crisis management policies been or will be designed and implemented between the national and local levels? Can digital technology become a partial substitute for mobility? How does the crisis change the representations regarding health policies, of course, but also the strategies of economic revitalization, development and real estate projects, the preservation of natural environments?"

The campaign that opens today will be concluded on 30 June 2020 and the projects will be committed to the next academic year

What is a group project?

This highlight of the Masters in Regional and Urban Strategy, Governing the Large Metropolis, Governing Ecological Transitions in European Cities, the Urban Planning Programme and the Executive Master in Territorial Governance and Urban Development, puts students in a professional position. They work with a public or private structure on an urban or territorial issue.

For 5 to 9 months (following the master), each team of 4 to 5 students works under the supervision of an academic or professional tutor. Each project ends, at a minimum, with an oral presentation of the students to the partner and a written report. Other forms of rendering are also possible: an exhibition, a video, a seminar organization, a public presentation of the results, a model...

What themes can be studied?

The Urban School strives to work on all the problems that contemporary societies may encounter in cities and territories: increasing inequalities, ecological transition, conflicts, cultural hybridizations, relations between governments and governed, collective choices and democracy, accumulation of data and technologies, pollution, financialization, etc. etc. The fields of study are therefore extremely varied.

Discover the problematics of the previous projects

Who can propose a group project?

Any actor of the city and territories can propose a project. For example, we have worked with local authorities, companies, associations, Ngos, consultancy firms, development and urban planning agencies, state administrations and international institutions.

When to propose a group project?

Interested organisations can now and until 30 June propose a project.


Contact :

Guillermo Martin, Executive director of the Urban School
Phone : +33 1 58 71 71 53
Mobile : +33 6 51 34 14 54

Find out more about the group projects (PDF, 956 Ko)

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