Leoluca Orlando at the Urban School

Leoluca Orlando at the Urban School

  • Leoluca Orlando © Comune di PalermoLeoluca Orlando © Comune di Palermo

The Urban School has the privilege to receive Leoluca Orlando for its inaugural lesson.

Leoluca Orlando is the Mayor of Palermo, in Italy, since June 2016. He is gradutated in public right and exercises its profession of lawyer as well as that of professor at the University of Palermo. 

  • 1st August 1947: birth in Palermo 
  • 1978 : Leoluca Orlando is elected Municipal councillor of Palermo 
  • 1985 : he is elected Mayor of Palermo. He will occupy this function from 1985 to 1990 then from 1993 to 2000 (2 successive mandates)
  • 1992 : he becomes deputy for 2 years at the Deputies chamber of the Italian Parliament, position that he will occupy again from 2006 till 2012  
  • 1994: he joins the European Parliament where he will occupy the positions of Vice President of the Committee for the entry of Malta into the European Union, member of the Committee for Public Liberties and Home Affairs, member of the Committee for Regional Politics, and substitute member of the Committee for Safety and Disarmament.
  • Since 2000 : he is the President of the "Sicilian Renaissance Institute" a non-profit organization dealing with the promotion of economy and culture of lawfulness and Human rights.
  • 2009 : he is elected again deputy at the European Parliament and becomes Vice President of the ALDE (Alliance of liberals and democrats for Europe) 
  • 2012 to today : Leoluca Orlando is elected Mayor of Palermo for the fourth time in his career. He will successfully run for a second term in 2016.

Leoluca Orlando received many awards including the European Civic Prize “for his struggle against organized crime, and his engagement in favour of the civic renewal of his city” and the Bayard Rustin Human Rights Award “for bringing the freedom of orderly civic society to Palermo, and for sharing the ‘lessons of Palermo’ with citizens and governments in societies that are struggling with similar threats to democracy and human rights” in 2000.

The subjects on which he is very involved are the struggle against the organized crime, the cause of the migrants and the desire to obtain rights for them, the defence of Human Rights and the culture. He made, among others, of Palermo the Capital of the culture 2018.



Pronounced by Leoluca Orlando,

with the interventions of

  • Frédéric Mion, President of Sciences Po
  • Patrick Le Galès, Dean of the Urban School
Event reserved to our M1 students. 


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