The 2019 UdM forum rewards two of our students

The 2019 UdM forum rewards two of our students

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Lucas A. Cividanes and Clément Da Cruz, two students of the Master Governing the Large Metropolis, win the Jury Prize at the 2019 Urban Planners International Forum for their study of urban agriculture policies in São Paulo.

For nearly two months, the two students conducted field visits and more than twenty interviews with key actors of urban agriculture in São Paulo (including urban farmers, NGOs, policymakers, researchers and agro-ecological activists).

They focused more specifically on the analysis of the "Ligue os Pontos" policy, which, since 2016, has sought to engage the metropolis into a transition towards sustainable, resilient and circular urban development.

Their report thereby evaluates the true sustainability, efficiency and desirability of the "Ligue os Pontos" program, considering both the relevance of its governance structure as well as its territorial translation and the relationship it defines between rural and urban spaces within the megalopolis.

Discover the results of their research in their report.


The Urban planners international Forum

Each year, the association Urban Planners International (UdM, in their French acronym) allows more than a dozen students to go on a field research in a country of the Global South. Their selected teams produce a study report on the theme selected by the association. For the 2019 Forum, the selected teams were invited to explore the following question: "Populational emergencies and ecological emergencies: What urban models of transition? "

The prize was awarded to the two students at the 2019 Forum’s colloquium, held on the 11th of October in the French Senate, during which participants presented the results of their research to a jury composed of urban planners, local policymakers and researchers.

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