The Lampedusa exhibition still touring!

The Lampedusa exhibition still touring!

  • Exposition Lampedusa 2016 © Groupe de travailExposition Lampedusa 2016 © Groupe de travail
Marco Cremaschi will introduce the exhibition Lampedusa 2016, produced by students of the Urban planning programme o9f the Urban School, at the XXI Conferenza Nazionale SIU in Florence, on June 6th, 2018.

The academic director of the Master's degree in urban planning will discuss with Giancarlo Paba (Università Firenze) on the question "Places and links: what do we learn of Lampedusa?".

Find out more about the event (ITA).

Lampedusa 2016

Realised by students of the Urban planning programme at the end of a workshop carried on May, 2016, the "Lampedusa 2016" exhibition was already shown to the Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris, at the Biennale of the public space 2017 in Roma, and in Bergamo in Italy.

The exhibition draw up a current situation of the territory and present a set of put in perspective, at the same time historic, geographical and political, by means of various supports : maps, graphs, videos and film extracts, pictures.

Scientific commissionership and realization : Boris Fillon, Cosette Méric, Myriam Ruffa Leclère, Amaranda Sanchez Castro, Eva Terliska, Kieu Mai Truong, Florent Vidaling. 

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