The exhibition Lampedusa 2016 in Rome !

The exhibition Lampedusa 2016 in Rome !

25 to 27 may 2017
  • Lampedusa © Eva TerliskaLampedusa © Eva Terliska

Scientific commissionership and realization : Boris Fillon, Cosette Méric, Myriam Ruffa Leclère, Amaranda Sanchez Castro, Eva Terliska, Kieu Mai Truong, Florent Vidaling

Realised by Urban planning students of Sciences po at the end of a workshop led in May 2016, with the Giuisi Nicolini support, the Lampedusa mayor, the exhibition "Lampedusa 2016" draw up a current situation of the territory and present a set of put in perspective, at the same time historic, geographical and political, by means of various supports : maps, graphs, videos and film extracts, pictures. 

Presented at the "Pavillon de l’Arsenal" last year, the exhibition is currently in Rome for the event Biennale Spazio Pubblico 2017.

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