Discover the group projects 2020!

Discover the group projects 2020!

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Agence Française de Développement (AFD): Business premises in an urban project 

Students: Yusuf Ashmawi, Pauline Dutheil, Lina Homman Ludiye and Azilis Pierrel from the Master Governing the Large Metropolis

The objective of this study is to create a guide of recommendations for urban project management in order to improve the consideration of local economic development issues in urban projects.

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Agence Française de Développement (AFD): Who governs social housing in Réunion?

Students: Margot Brac de la Perrière, Lise Lécuyer, Marie Milani and Elena Ragain of the Master in Regional and Urban Strategy

The social housing of Reunion Island presents specific characteristics, both through its financing, partly structured by subsidies specific to the overseas countries, and by its management, characterized by a large number of Mixed Economy Societies in the territory. To study these specificities, four students carried out a group project for AFD. 

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Aquitanis: Environmentally friendly and participatory development in a relaxed suburban area

Students: Pauline Boos, Margaux Cazals, Marc Olphe-Galliard and Tanya Sam Ming from the Urban planning programme
Aquitanis has therefore requested this study in order to confirm the economic, social and environmental feasibility of these development projects in peri-urban and rural areas. It wants to have objective elements to assert its position, and if necessary, to adapt its intervention methods without denying its values.  

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Atelier des territoires - DGALN: Supporting the development of a strategy to shape the landscape and anticipate land change

Students: Marie Boisseau, Raphaël Jean, Chloé Leprompt and Charlotte Marcillière of the Master in Regional and Urban Strategy

The West of the Vosges is a rural territory with a remarkable landscape and agricultural identity, but is threatened by the absence of a common horizon built between the actors. The mission consisted in supporting the Departmental Directorate of the Vosges Territories in structuring a dynamic of cooperation between local actors to enhance the landscape and support territorial development.

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Avise: Social and solidarity economy and ruralities: mobilization practices of rural development programs and contracting tools

Students: Oriane Louveau, Pinelopi Pappa, Zoé Raimbault and Maud Reymond of the Master in Regional and Urban Strategy

This study focuses on the contracting tools for the rural environment that can be mobilized by the social and solidarity economy (ESS) structures. The ESS represents a major opportunity for rural territories with regard to the development of essential goods and services for residents, and the identification of niches for the insertion of the ESS in the territorial development systems aims thus to increase their impact for the territories.

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Communauté d’Agglomération Lisieux Cœur de Normandie (CALN): The residential route in the Communauté d'Agglomération Lisieux Normandy

Students: Hugo Bono-Damesin, Anna Cario, Malou Fournier and Emma Policarpo of the Master in Regional and Urban Strategy

The territory of the Community of Lisieux Normandie Agglomeration (CALN) is crossed by many issues especially with regard to housing and residential trajectories. Over the past decade, many households have been leaving the territory, and CALN’s habitat service wants to find a way to curb this phenomenon, while attracting new inhabitants to the territory. Our project is the beginning of a response to this problem.

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EDF R&D: Governance of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, comparing the systems of France, California, Norway, China and the Netherlands.

Students: Augustin Bauchot , Kiki Li, Francesco Palmia, Anne-Sophie Tchuisseu and Juliette Thijs from the Master Governing the Large Metropolis

The overarching goal of this project was to analyze the challenges faced by stakeholders of on-street EV charging and the implications of various solutions. By comparing relevant international case studies, this project aims to give critical guidance on the challenges and opportunities of EV charging regulation. Find out more

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Egis Conseil: Shaping cities of tomorrow by supporting the qualification of economic operators

Students : Florinda Bartoli, Francesca Bonalda, Achille Mace and Coline Rouchie from the Master Governing the Large Metropolis

In this project we were led to discover the French urban consulting «world». Indeed, the BU Conseil of EGIS works on helping territorial institutions to choose projects that will be conducted there. Our mission was to produce a toolbox to help both the consultants and the decider in the choice of a candidate during such projects.

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GRDF: What coordination of the Region/EPCI couple in the local energy transition?

Students: Corentin Casays, Chloé Chéfiare, Elorn Goasdoué and Caroline Pinton from the Master in Regional and Urban Strategy

This project was proposed by GRDF in order to analyze the articulation between Regions and intercommunalities in a national context impacted by many institutional changes. The challenge is to make known the relations and institutional practices of the EPCI and the Regions as part of the development of measures taken at the territorial level to use less energy, increase the efficiency of energy technologies and develop renewable energy sources.

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Ihédate: Paradoxes of the ecological transition in Northern Germany

Students: Théo Bendahan, Floriane Bertin-Gloeckler, Grégoire Désigaud and Sophie Schlewitz of the Master in Regional and Urban Strategy

Ihédate entrusted the students with the realization of a five-day study trip in Northern Germany. This work is part of the IHEDATE 2020 training cycle, entitled “Territories and the ecological imperative - scales and interdependencies”. The objective of the group project was to study the governance strategies of the ecological transition in Germany.

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