A 2017 capstone diffused by the APUR

A 2017 capstone diffused by the APUR

  • Couverture Etude © étudiants École urbaineCouverture Etude © étudiants École urbaine

A capstone realised by students of the GLM Master has just been published by the Atelier parisien d'urbanisme (Apur).

Paris - London, one single metropolis? Are these two capitals sentenced to competitive comparisons or they can imagine a shared future? It is this question that Apur and students of the Urban School tried to answer.

This work was led in 2017 within the framework of a capstone between the Apur and the students of the Master's degree Governing the Large Metropolis, Pietro Buffoni, Mélanie Eck, Roxane Lavollé and Miranda Raschid.

From a review of literature and about twenty interviews with public and private actors, the study presents various levels of possible cooperations between Paris and London. The duo Paris-London is put in perspective by the analysis of three examples of cooperations between big metropolises located on several States: Hong-Kong-Shenze, Seattle-Vancouver, Copenhague-Malmö.n

The study written in English was introduced to the Greater London Authority in June, 2017. To read the study.

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