MOOC: "Cities are back in town"

Analysing the new urban forms of the contemporary world

"Urban sociology for a globalising urban world": with this online course in English, available for free on the Coursera platform, Patrick Le Galès offers a conceptual and comparative approach to understanding urban models, how they are changing and the social and political issues they raise.


From Calcutta to Seoul to Cairo and throughout the world, globalisation goes hand in hand with the emergence of “super cities”. Researchers have responded to these new urban forms by developing new concepts: “post-metropolises”, “world cities”, “global urban regions”. How can we analyse cities that are becoming as vast as regions? Can differences be identified within this global phenomenon?

The course draws on the various urban models offered by the social sciences to analyse these new urban phenomena. In eight sessions, the classic questions of urban studies are addressed in combination with contemporary issues: globalisation, mobility, capitalism, sustainable development, “cyborg” cities, social control, urban culture, etc.

Target students

This course is designed for undergraduate students, but is also of interest to graduate students and all professionals who work on urban issues.

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