At a glance

Training for all urban policy and planning professions

Diverse programme offerings

Regional and urban policy-making takes place everywhere, in the public and private sectors and at the local and international levels. The Urban School's programmes prepare students and professionals for urban governance in all its forms.

Graduate students with a Bachelor's degree

Graduate students having completed the 1st year of a Master's programme & professionals with initial work experience

The Urban Planning Programme: a highly technical, multidisciplinary programme in urban planning, land use and real estate.


All levels

Teaching methods: practical training and academic rigour

The Urban School's programmes give high priority to gaining practical experience in real-world conditions (group projects, capstones, etc). Students learn to work collaboratively and enjoy an intense study experience.

In a constant exchange between theory and practice, the School's strong research focus ensures students learn academic rigour and adopt a critical perspective.

Sociologists and consultants, architects and economists, politicians and geographers: the Urban School faculty brings together top scholars and practitioners from throughout the urban planning and policy field.

Approach: understanding the city through comparison

All the courses at the Urban School employ a comparative approach. This provides students with analytical frameworks and useful benchmarks in a rapidly changing environment, and accustoms them to thinking on a global scale. Study trips are a key part of this approach:

Our programmes use the social sciences – political science, sociology and economics, supplemented by history, geography and law – to provide an understanding of urban models from a multidisciplinary perspective. 


Sciences Po provides the website Sciences Po Students to guide the students in all their steps (procedures, scholarships, visa, housing, life in France...).

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