Meetings of city and regional jobs

Event organized by the Urban school for its M1 students of the STU and GLM masters and of the Urban Planning.

The objective of this event is to facilitate the exchange between first year students and professionals working on urban related issues. The event is also aimed on the one side at introducing the Urban school programmes to professionals in order for them to get a better understanding on students training, and on the other side at helping students in reflecting on and defining their own professional project by listening to and questioning the professionals who will join us.

For professional speakers:

During these roundtables, speakers can answer questions about their field activities: what an professional orientation means for each field? What covers areas represented and what are the challenges and what are the prospects for the future?

Professional speakers will specify what they think about the place of SciencesPo Student into their organization, what kind of useful formation could be added or suggested. They will describe career opportunities in fields represented. They will give some advice for internship, job seeking.

For students:

Roundtables offer the opportunity to answer questions about professions and structures in all the following fields: public / private status / semi-public? Social Policy or not? Structures: Government – public, private sector or semi-public? Consulting firms, consultants, Companies or Banks?

Finally, Career Roundtables, bring concrete and spotting elements on various career path, ways of working, salaries, and career evolutions. 

Informations pratiques
Organisateur : 
Urban school of Sciences Po
Date : 
30 March, 2018 - 14:00 - 18:30
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