GLM launching 11 capstone projects this semester

GLM launching 11 capstone projects this semester

  • Capstone project with OECDCapstone project with OECD

GLM M1 students are spending this semester a day and a half per week on their capstone projects.

11 capstones, 11 teams, 11 tutors : a "learning by doing'  experience, a team work challenge and a valuable exposure to real professional life.

This year, among GLM commissioning institutions:

Parisian urban agency (APUR), AREP, AUTONOMY, Bouygues Construction, Culture and Development NGO, Fabrique de la Cité Think Tank, FIA, IBM France, Ile de France Urban Agency (IAU), Grand Paris Express, The Municipality of Rio de Janeiro.

Projects include issues related to urban mobility and transport infrastructures, urban business environments, digital cities and open data, public-private partnerships, informal sector, education networks.

More information on the capstone framework

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