The capitals of capital

The Urban school and the School of Management and Innovation of Sciences Po organise the conference "The capitals of capital" the next April 12th.

Speakers :

  • Youssef Cassis, Teacher at the European University Institute 
  • François Bertière, CEO of Bouygues Immobilier 

Conference presided and animated by Marie-Laure Djelic, Co-Dean of the School of Management and Innovation and Patrick Le Galès, Dean of the Urban school.

Language : french

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The process of globalization combines with the dynamics of financialization of the capitalism, it is inseparable of the development of the big financial metropolises. Some big metropolises as London, New York, Vancouver, Dubai become safes cities to store wealth in housing, towers, shopping centers. The financial investors include for their part a largest part of real estate in their portfolio. The Big projects urban as the Greater Paris mobilize varied investors.

Find out more about the speakers :

Youssef Cassis, economic history teacher at the European University Institute (Florence, Italy) is the first to propose a comparative history of the major financial cities, real Capitals of Capital. The financialization of mordern capitalism is it new, what does it change for the investors, for the metropolises and for their inhabitants?

François Bertière is the CEO of Bouygues Immobilier. Former student of the Polytechnic school, qualified engineer of the French National School of Civil Engineering and graduate architect (DPLG), he is one of mayor players of the development and the urban operations in France, in particular in the Greater Paris.


Informations pratiques
Organisateur : 
École urbaine et École du Management et de l'Innovation de Sciences Po
Date : 
12 April, 2018 - 19:15 - 21:15
Lieu : 
Amphithéâtre Chapsal, 27 rue Saint Guillaume, 75007 Paris
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