Partners - Cities and digital technology Chair

Four corporate sponsors support the Chair in a three-year partnership.


« Cisco is extremely proud to be partner of the « Cities and digital technology » chair of Sciences Po with relevant actors like La Poste, RTE and La Caisse des dépôts.

As part of the plan committed with the government for the success of the digital transformation plan, Cisco implemented a set of initiatives of which the chair signed with Sciences Po is a part of. Cities know an unprecedented development, it is important to understand the challenges and the stakes. Within the chair, Cisco will be eager to offer its expertise, its culture of the digital technology, its capacity of innovation to contribute, expand knowledge, participate on reflection on cities of tomorrow.

The pace of the technological evolutions accelerating, it is essential to strengthen footbridges between the industrial world and the education one. The questions involved are the productivity, the competitiveness and the attractiveness of our country. Historically committed with the world of the search and the education, Cisco invests logically to prepare the young generations for the jobs of tomorrow. »

La Poste

« La Poste benefits from the first local network of France and has for ambition to accompany communities in their digital transformation to return a better service to the citizen.

The Group works frontally on :

  • The modernization of the public action : review of the traffic rules in post offices since June, 2016, current projects on the parking, the management of the citizen relation : archiving, safety of the personal data.
  • The energy transition : we train drivers in the ecomobility, thanks to our factors we propose offers of recycling or energy diagnoses for communities
  • The urban logistics : we set up new infrastructures in the heart of cities to assure the last kilometer in mode of low emissions transports and we spread instructions 24 hours a day in places of passage to adapt itself to the needs for the urban dwellers.
  • The new uses : we opened a first space of coworking to La Poste, places of incubation of start-up in city center.
  • The adaptation of the network of contact points in town.

The expectations of the urban populations considerably evolved regarding access in services, in particular towards answers always more immediate and personalized. Due to its operator's role of the physical and from now on digital exchanges La Poste wishes to examine fields of the new "public uses" for the citizens. »


« RTE, owner and developer of the electricity network in metropolitan France, feeds cities and French metropolises. With the energy transition law, regions and metropolises have new prerogatives regarding energy policy, policy which will form part in the digital development of cities. At the same time, RTE aspires to become the first electricity network in Europe combining electricity and digital. Through its participation in the Chair Cities and Digital technology, RTE is committed to support cities in this digital transition. This way, RTE will optimize the existing services which it brings to territories and will create new ones. The evolutions of the electricity network will be built with territories according to their projects. »

La caisse des dépôts

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