City career paths

A broad-based urban culture

The Urban School educates people with a passion for the city, and it is extremely rare for our graduates not to go on to work in an urban planning- or policy-related role. Perhaps it is because today, this professional field represents an incredibly broad range of functions, sectors and organizations. And because graduates of the Sciences Po Urban School circulate within it as they please, from one sector to another, from one country to another, from one scale to another, from one issue to another. This diversity can be seen in graduates' profiles, but also over the course of each of their careers, which are enriched by many experiences and shifts of focus.

Versatile urban managers

The unique positioning of the Sciences Po Urban School creates specialists of local public policy with keen expertise and specific skills, equipped to engage with the enormous variety of urban issues.
With a fine appreciation of the political sphere and its workings, steeped in the various urban cultures through their social science education, professionals educated at the Urban School are both public policy makers and leaders. These versatile urban managers can speak the language of the various actors involved in urban dynamics, not least the language of figures which is an important focus of the programmes.

A profile to circulate between urban professions

As a result of this cross-organisational professional culture, the young professionals trained at the Urban School are as effective and relevant in a major construction firm as a mayor’s office, a regional health authority or a landscape architecture firm, a real estate developer or a design and engineering firm, a local energy agency or an international organisation, a start-up that designs “smart” mobility applications or an insurance company specialised in urban risks.