A study trip to Seoul

A study trip to Seoul

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“Who is governed and what is included in Seoul innovation policies?”. The students of the master Governing the Large Metropolis are going to try to answer this question during their study trip to Seoul from 12 to 19 January.

Known as "the miracle on the Han river", South Korea transformed from a developing country to a developed country very rapidly after the Korean war finished in 1953 and today, the country is well known for its high technology industry.

Seoul, as the capital of the country, has been the center of wealth, power, and people of the country. Today, the city wants to be smarter, more inclusive and more cultured.

The aim of the study trip, therefore, is to observe the strategies and the present status by visiting concerning public & private organisms such as Seoul City hall, Citizen cooperative association, NGOs, urban infrastructure facilities and also by visiting various urban project sites.

After the trip, the students will produce a report that will be published at the end of the year.


  • Day 1: visits of Seun Arcade and Cheonggyecheon Stream
  • Day 2: visits of the Seoul History museum and the Seoul city hall
  • Day 3: visit of the Songdo Smart City
  • Day 4: visits of the Yangcheon Resource Recovery Facility, the Guui Arisu Water Facility, the Sky Park, the DMC Center and the Bulgwang district. Meetings with the Dosi GongGam Architects Coop, the SBA and the Seoul Fab Lab
  • Day 5: Meetings with ICLEI East Asia, the Seoul Housing Corporation and the urban planning departement of Seochogu

Discover the study trip in pictures (Facebook album)

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