"L'avenir des marques est en Chine et en Inde"

"L'avenir des marques est en Chine et en Inde"

Nirmalya Kumar, directeur de la stratégie chez Tata Sons
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    Sciences Po. Meet Nirmalya Kumar.

    Nirmalya Kumar, director of strategy of Tata Sons

    The main ideas I wanted to give to the students today, was that, just like you have had brands that have come out of Japan and South Korea, the next set of brands that are going to come to the world stage are going to be from China and India. Especially China. So that’s was the big idea. And then the question was: how can Chinese brands become more global, and for that I outlined eight different strategies that can they can use to become more global.

    What is the key to educating good managers ?

    The thing is that, whatever we know today is getting obsolete. So the knowledge part you have to keep up with. But how do you keep up with the knowledge part ? That brings me to the personality traits I’m looking for, when I’m hiring people. The number one quality we are looking for when we are hiring people is curiosity, that you want to learn, and that you keep believe in continuous learning. They are king of connected: if you have curiosity, you will always seek to learn more. Because anything that you learn today, will go obsolete tomorrow. So you have to be a lifelong learner.

    How do you see France?

    It is a wonderful country. They have very very very good companies in this country. Those companies are all across the world, so whatever people say about France does not apply to the French multinationals, because the French multinationals are real global players that compete with us head on, and they are very successful. So one should not get taken in by what you read in the newspapers, but remember that the global French companies are as good as other companies anywhere else in the world.

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  • Nirmalya Kumar, directeur stratégique de Tata Sons ©Sciences PoNirmalya Kumar, directeur stratégique de Tata Sons ©Sciences Po

L'avenir des marques se situe-t-il en Chine, voire en Inde ? Ces pays sont-ils en train de devenir les centres mondiaux de l'innovation ?

C'est ce que pense Nirmalya Kumar, directeur de la stratégie chez Tata Sons, que nous avons rencontré lors de sa conférence à Sciences Po. Pour devenir des leaders, dit-il, il faut rester curieux et développer son désir d'apprendre. La France, souligne-t-il encore, est un pays riche d'entrepreneurs et d'idées. Interview en vidéo

Nirmalya Kumar :

Dr Kumar est membre du comité exécutif du groupe Tata Sons, basé à mumbai, et professeur de marketing à la London Business School. Il a également enseigné à la Harvard Business Schoool, IMD (Suisse) et l'Université Nothwestern (Kellog School of management). Il est l'auteur de plusieurs ouvrages sur l'avenir des marques dans les pays émérgents.

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