Valentina Khatib, Institutional Sales in Oddo&Cie, Fixed Income Sales & Trading

Graduated in 2015
Valentina Khatib

I obtained my bachelor degree in Economics from Stockholm, where I am originally from. After completing my degree, I was eager to pursuit higher studies abroad. I was keen to join one of the leading universities in Europe in social sciences and I was looking for a challenging programme that could provide me with the necessary tools for the job market. The choice of master was to prepare me for careers inside the financial industry. I was seeking a master that could give me solid understanding of the fundamental quantitative tools in finance and global versatile view of the theoretical applied economics.

The Master in Economics and Business of Sciences Po has a multidisciplinary approach, enabling students to be well prepared for the working environment as well as strengthening and solidifying the theoretical knowledge. One of the strength of the Master is the blend in the learning approach being both practical and theoretical, courses being held by professionals from diverse sectors as well as top-ranked professors. Another strength is the access to corporate events organised by the Department of Economics, including breakfast meetings, afterworks with prominent companies and banks. As well as the yearly job fair where as a student I got to interact directly with recruiters and representatives from the professional life. Nevertheless, since the Master is in English it is rather international attracting talented students from all over the world.

I completed my final internship at Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking in Debt Capital Market Corporate Origination in Paris. DCM advises and helps corporates to raise capital through the issuance of debt. Working at Société Générale was a fantastic experience; it provided me opportunities to gain further knowledge in the banking industry, particularly in capital markets. I was involved in multiple tasks around the debt issuances, including pricing deals, market analysis and pitch book preparation for companies. I gained great knowledge, expanded my professional network and it confirmed my desire to pursuit a career in investment banking.

I am currently employed at Oddo&Cie Investment Bank in Paris, I work within Fixed Income market as sales for institutional investors in the Sales & Trading department. I am involved in undertaking (buy/sell) transactions in bonds with institutional clients and traders. The job requires strong analytical knowledge in markets, understanding of financial instruments and apprehension of companies issuing the debt. It is a fast-paced and dynamic job, many things going on at the same time, it requires being quick and reactive and able to juggle copious information, multiple events and projects at the same time. The fixed income market is strongly linked with macroeconomics, such as central bank decisions, inflation and economic growth as well as politics have an abundant effect on the market. Having a master degree in Economics and Business from Sciences Po has helped me acquire fundamental knowledge in economics whilst giving me a toolkit and relevant skills in finance.

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