Tristan Royer-Borromée, Associate, The Boston Consulting Group

Graduated in 2016

Please note: starting in 2019, the master 'Economics & Business' has evolved into the Master in International Management & Sustainability

Tristan Royer-Borromée

Born and raised in Paris, I got into Sciences Po right after my Baccalauréat in 2010. I spent two years on the Paris campus, studying social sciences: History, Economics, Law and International Relations. During my third year, I took Asian Studies and Public Policies modules at the National University of Singapore, wherefrom I had the occasion to explore Southeast Asia, and even to come back to Paris from China by train! 

I knew that I wanted to work in the business sector but I didn't want to specialize in Marketing or Communications for example. I chose the Master Economics and Business because it was eventually based on the approach that I found most appealing, i.e., an English track with an immediate international perspective.

I think that the Master's main strengths lie within the diversity of both its curricula and its students. The multi-disciplinary approach lets us tackle various topics. Moreover, the fact that attendees are mostly non-French, often with various backgrounds enables to learn a lot by exchanging views and experiences. Lastly, we get a strong skill base that provides us with all the required knowledge to apply for the best jobs or to create our own company, like many of us did so far.

Doing a gap year was not a question for me as I needed to gain professional experience before graduating. I wanted to improve my analytical skills in a challenging work environment first, so I spent 6 months in M&A at BNP Paribas in Paris, where I focused on the Consumer and Luxury goods sector. Although I did enjoy the experience, I also wanted to discover the inside of a big industrial company, and to work abroad. I fulfilled both goals as a finance intern at Pernod-Ricard Asia's headquarters in Hong Kong.

Drawing lessons from both experiences, I wanted to continue in an intense work environment and to be able to tackle several sectors and functions, but with a bigger emphasis on strategy and on client relation, even as a junior, leading me to apply to various strategy consulting firms for my final internship. After some quite long and intense interview processes in consulting, I will be an intern at the Boston Consulting Group's office in Paris, with the aim to transform this internship into a full-time position after the summer.

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